How to book an appointment with a GP or Nurse

1. Routine Appointment

By telephone/online/in person (after 8 am)

2. On The Day

By telephone/online/in person (after 8 am)

3. Emergency Appointments

By telephone/online/in person (after 8 am) If the surgery appointments are filled for the day the receptionist will take telephone contact details and ask what the problem is, in order for the GP to prioritise a telephone consultation and, if necessary, give an emergency appointment/advice.

4. Telephone Consultations (after 8 am)

If it is felt not necessary to see the GP but advice is needed then a telephone contact number will be requested by reception staff, along with the reason for the consultation, and the GP will call back on the same day.

Just a reminder to our patients

When the receptionist asks about the problem, it is in order for the clinician to be informed, he/she can then prioritise the importance of the telephone consultation.

The accident and emergency department is for ACCIDENTS AND EMERGENCIES only. Many minor ailments can be dealt with at the surgery, at a local walk in centre or at pharmacies. The NHS does not have the capacity to deal with the many minor ailments which are currently being seen at accident and emergency.